Packing Materials for Storage

We stock a wide range of packaging materials useful for storage and at prices which make our competitors look positively expensive. In our experience it can be false economy and often time consuming to store smaller items loose or even in flimsy boxes. Stored properly in our heavy-duty boxes your property is better protected during the move, in storage and afterwards, on the relocation of your belongings in your new home. Proper labelling also makes life much easier to find in store and again on relocation. Relocation can be a fraught experience, make it a little easier with good packing.

Mattress and settee covers also help keep beds and lounge furniture clean during the move and in storage. And bubble wrap or our washable and reusable removable blankets help protect your property against that unfortunate accident.

Mover packs

With our many years of experience in storage and removals we have put together mover packs, which are sensibly constructed, represent savings on individual products.

Above all, any unused boxes can be returned to us for full credit against your first months storage.

We have deliberately missed off furniture and bed covers as these requirements vary considerably from home to home. Feel free to increase the individual quantities at unit prices if you feel your requirements demand greater quantities.

Not available by mail order.

Storage Tips

  • Make a list of items in store
  • Clear labelling on boxes can save hours of searching either on relocation day or accessing container during storage. Labels are free so put plenty on to ensure the contents can be read from any side.
  • Boxes are given extra strength by sealing properly with packing tape, and fragile tape.
  • Although our storage rooms and waterproof and dry, it is a good idea to wrap beds and soft furnishings in dustsheets or bubble wrap to avoid dirt and damage during removals.
  • Polished furniture and table legs etc are easily and often damaged in moving house, again it is prudent to protect with bubble wrap or removal blanket.
  • Remember that drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, fridges, freezers etc. can make handy storage areas within your storage room and may help to reduce the overall storage room required.
  • Fragile items such as glass and china should be protected with bubble wrap and packed firmly in strong cardboard packing cases. A good precaution against rough handling of these boxes is by using white vinyl “fragile” tape to seal and give high visibility to the boxes and their contents.
  • Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly defrosted and dried, and their doors ought to be left open during the storage period.
  • Ovens should be cleaned and washing machines emptied and dry before storage.
  • Try to make sure garden equipment is clean and mowers are free of grass cuttings.
  • Mirrors and pictures are best stored vertical and covered in bubble wrap or removal blankets.
  • Where possible remove legs from tables and beds to ease storage and reduce damage risks.
  • Consider using a larger container to allow easier access during storage particularly if long term.
  • Store items which may be needed during storage, near to front or leave access passages if possible.
  • Bubble wrap can mark polished wood surfaces, it is advisable to first wrap polished wood items in cotton sheets and then use bubble wrap to avoid damage from moving.
  • Bubble wrap can also produce static electricity, which can discharge into PC towers and TV sets causing damage to the electrics.To avoid this, again use cotton sheets or non-conductive materials under the bubble wrap or removal blankets where this could be a problem.