Frequently Asked Questions

The Containalot team have gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us about storing their possessions.

The size of storage room taken obviously depends upon what is being stored from what size of house. Some companies offer a storage calculator but we feel that as contents very so greatly there cannot be a coverall size for each size of house. Rough estimates can however be made and the following are own suggestions.

One bedroom flat 8` x 8` x 8` or 10’ x 8’ x 8’
Two bedroom apartment or house 12’ x 8’ x 8’or16’ x 8’ x 8’
Three bedroom house 20’ x 8’x 8’ or 24 x 8’ x 8’
Four bedroom or greater 40’ x 8’ x 8’

If your contents will fit inside a Luton van then they will fit inside a 10` x 8` x 8` unit


Storage space can be reserved without charge for up to a week, however reserving space beyond that period can only be achieved arrangement. Please give us a call to make arrangements.

Yes!!! STEADFAST 07500 680000

Why not make more use of your valuable office space?

Your old documents, accounts brochures etc. that are currently taking up valuable space can be easily self-managed in one of our normal storage units, without paying the expensive archive storage rates normally charged on a single box rate and charged weekly per box to sound cheap, only to find that you are charged exorbitant rates to put them in store or remove them

Access is easy and open during normal office hours and out of hours access can easily be accommodated, again free of charge.

All units are dry and condensation proof and some units have individual lighting and dehumidifiers. Units available from 40sq ft (320cu ft) up to 320sq ft (2500cu ft).

What can I store at Containalot?

Most things can be stored except items which are explosive, illegal, noxious or toxic. Collections and valuable items such as jewellery can be only be stored specifically at owners risk and cannot be insured. Typical stored items are:

  • General household contents
  • Complete house contents
  • Classic cars
  • Surplus business stock
  • Old files
  • Trade materials
  • Car boot sale stock
  • motor cycles
  • Jet skis
  • Christmas surpluses

Insurance of goods in storage can be a very expensive business and no two customers have the same value of property in store. Because of this it is not possible to offer blanket insurance without it having a serious effect on storage rates, as everyone would have to be costed on the highest value of stored processions. It is also very possible that your own contents insurance policy will cover you whilst your goods are in storage. However for those customers who do require separate insurance we have teamed up with a broker who will offer storage insurance at very competitive rates, much cheaper than the £3 per £1000 per month charged by most other storage companies. Please be aware that goods in storage are not automatically covered and this detail should be checked.

The site is covered 24 hour’s per day by state of the art web cam CCTV, which permits off site monitoring of the facility. The site is alarmed out of hours. And illuminated at night